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We stand out because of our expertise and character. Our no nonsense approach to IRS Debt is unsurpassed. We help our clients solve Tax Debt. In this time and age of technology, having a team of passionate professionals is a plus. Peace of mind is what we guarantee. We will pay attention to your particular story and get to know your facts and situation . We will review your scenario and provide solutions that will work for you. We will outline the options available to you. We are straight shooters and we vow to be honest with you. Together we can get to the solution and help you attain peace of mind. That is our promise. To provide peace of mind one client at a time through Tax Debt Solving.

01. Consultation

We’ll speak candidly one-to-one about your tax problem.

02. Investigation

We’ll initiate client protection and establish communication with the IRS.

03. Resolution

We’ll establish IRS compliance and achieve the best resolution possible.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Tax Debt Genie specializes in resolving and reducing IRS or State Tax Debt. We are committed to providing the best possible solution to your tax problems.


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Emilia McAfee

Attorney At Law

Since 2004, I am licensed to practice as an attorney in the State of California. I have been on a personal crusade to help folks like you who’ve been ignored, taken advantage of, or even lied to during the Tax Relief process. I get tired of seeing honest, hardworking people denied their fair shake. If you’ve fallen behind on your tax payments, then you deserve tax relief, that should be the end of the story.

Let us help you achieve that priceless peace of mind.


What We Do Best

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

To qualify you must have an inability to repay the debt within the time the IRS has to collect on the debt.

Wage Garnishment Release

Your liability is satisfied and the garnishment is lifted.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS may assess a variety of penalties on your tax account including late filing and late payment fees. Sometimes the penalties dwarf the actual tax debt.

Bank Levy Release

You paid your tax debt or the time limit expired, releasing the levy.

Installment Agreement

This agreement allows you to pay your full debt in equal, yet smaller and more manageable amounts.

Tax Lien Discharge

You relinquish your rights and allow any property with an IRS lien to be sold free and clear of the tax lien.

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